October Children's Month

During the October Children’s Month, museums, dance schools, art organisations, theatres, cinemas, libraries, cultural heritage institutions and artists open their doors for free for children from 4 to 12 years old.

Hundreds enjoyable and educational art activities are organised for young people, their parents and grandparents. Adventure tours, artistic workshops, theatre performances, dance classes, music shows, and demonstrations of traditional handicrafts: during October children can choose from a large and varied programme.

Several countries have joined forces to set up the October Children’s Month (OCM). Thereby the Children’s Month 2015 is organised in October in Berlin, San Sebastian and Drenthe.
This creative programme of OCM reaches more than 20,000 children and their families.

In 2013 K&C started an international cooperation between cultural partners from four European countries with one mutual project called the October Children’s Month (OCM). The partnership with the organisations Ikertze (San Sebastian, Spain), Werkstadt Berlin (Berlin, Germany) and Foundation Riga 2014 (Riga, Latvia) resulted in two intensive years of successful collaboration.

In 2016 K&C will work together with Ikertze (Spain), WerkStadt Kulturverein (Germany), Lithuanian Theatre, Music and  Cinema  Museum (Lithuania), Croatian National Theater (Croatia), Magacine Kabare (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Senter for ung kunst og kultur (Norway) for a new International cooperation.

In addition to the October Children’s Month held in every participating region, the international cooperation consists of publications, artist exchanges, conferences, workshops for art-professionals, meetings, travelling exhibitions and theatre exchanges.