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About - benefits - circus meppel - 250 pxBenefits of International Cooperation

International cooperation stimulates cultural organisations to share programmes and experiences. Sharing in culture is always relevant. Culture tells stories from the past and present, from near and far. Experiencing culture often makes people more tolerant and free, and makes them see their trusted world with different eyes.
The language of music, food, painting, dancing and the imagination is spoken and understood all over the world. Cultural exchange stimulates the curiosity of young and old.

Innovation inspires

Everyone wants to gain new experiences and learn. The process of international cooperation provides a reflection on individual experiences and projects, and provides inspiration for the renewal of these experiences and projects. The project leaders want to cooperate in a joint development that will lead to innovation of creative ideas, business models and digital technologies.

The partners meet twice a year and share their knowledge, experiences and ideas. They inspire each other regarding publicity, marketing, creating and quality. Partners meet new audiences and international artists, extend their networks, and get inspired with each other’s cultural environments.