The Future of October Children’s Month

For 2015 and 2016 K&C, Ikertze (Spain) and Werkstadt Berlin (Germany) submitted a new grand application referred to the programme Creative Europe, cooperation projects.

In this application the project will be based on full cooperation between the three partners, and the mutual ambition to develop the cooperation with each other and to expand the cooperation with more partners from all EU countries. This project is a step towards the goal set for 2020: to expand the project to fifteen European countries. To reach this goal, the project incorporates presentations for future partners in several European Capitals of Culture. Therefore, K&C is searching for organisations that are interested in future cooperation for the European October Children’s Month.

Application 2015-2016

Future - zivs kapj koka 12 - 250 pxThe activities that are included in the grand application 2015-2016:

October Children’s Month

  • K&C will organise Oktobermaand Kindermaand in the European Capital of Culture 2018, Leeuwarden and regions.
  • Werkstadt Berlin organises KinderKulturMonat in Berlin.
  • Ikertze will organise Hip Hip Urri in San Sebastian and regions.

The edition of 2014 had around 250 cultural activities, reaching approximately 25.000 children and their families.

Joint activity

Workshops developing a branding and proposition strategy for OCM. The partners (WerkStadt, Ikertze and K&C) and potential partners are the participants in the workshop.

Combination of two travelling exhibitions per year, consisting of one children's exhibition and one contemporary art exhibition (travelling to San Sebastian in 2015 and to Leeuwarden in 2016).

Expanding and promoting the European art education network (a digital education network).

The Netherlands
Artist in Residence project in Leeuwarden with artists from San Sebastian, Berlin and The Netherlands.

Mutual opening of the project with the mayors of the participating cities in 2015 and 2016 (live connection between the opening and primary schools: children and mayors communicate together about the importance of cultural activities)

Digital Shift: An investment in a digital reservation system to acquire insight in the audiences of OCM.

Playing with Art: Artists who were involved in the Dutch KIK AIR project will visit San Sebastian and give workshops to three hundred children and their families.

Children and Participation: Children present their reflections on their leisure time to the mayor of San Sebastian and offer proposals for improvement for Hip-hip Urri!

K&C is searching for European organisations who are interested in October Children’s Month. For more information, please fill in the contact form on this website.