Activities Germany in 2015

In Germany more than 50 organisations will join October Children’s Month in 2015. Amongst them Anne Frank Zentrum, Berliner Philharmoniker, KinderKünsteZentrum, Renaissance-Theater.

The activities can be found at

In 2013 en 2014 the following International activities took place:

Activities - Germany - kunstformen schrot 10 - 250 pxContemporary Art Exhibition:

This exhibition shows the developments of art in the Berlin art scene. In November 2014 eight artists exhibited their artworks in art education workshops for children. The exhibition travelled to Riga in November 2014.


Activities - Germany - kunsthandwerk schrot 5 - 250 pxChildren’s Exhibition:

The artworks that were made by children during the KinderKulturMonat in 2013 were collected to create a children’s artwork exhibition in Riga in November 2014.


Activities - Germany - volksbuehne schrot 8 - 250 pxKinderKulturMonat:

KinderKulturMonat 2013 invited children and their parents to participate in cultural activities for free. In October 2013 KKM reached more than 2.500 children.


Activities - Germany - metamorphosen rumball2 - 250 pxEuropean art education network:

Creates a platform for artists working in the EU. The goal is to exchange ideas, concepts and knowledge between those working in the field of art education for children. Artists can sign up through this website.