About - Victoria theater - 250 pxIn 2013 K&C started the international cooperation between cultural partners from four European countries with the project October Children’s Month (OCM).

K&C already had years of experience in organising this project in the northern part of the Netherlands and wanted to invest in the project by creating partnerships with cultural organisations in foreign countries.

K&C successfully found partners in the Cultural Capitals of Europe 2014 and 2016 and the city of Berlin. The partnership with the organisations Ikertze (San Sebastian, Spain), Werkstadt Berlin (Berlin, Germany) and Foundation Riga 2014 (Riga, Latvia) resulted in two intensive years of successful cooperation.

The editions of OCM in 2013 and 2014 were held in every participating region with a great variety of events and activities, such as publications, artist exchanges, symposiums, workshops, meetings, travelling exhibitions, and theatre performances for children and their families.

October Children’s Month

  • About - riga crustcels - 250 pxactivates children to become culturally active together with their brothers, sisters, friends or parents and grandparents in the weekends. Activities of the arts and cultural organisations are free of admission for children until the age of twelve.
  • stimulates cultural organisations to invest in the quality of their educational activities for children and their families by offering networks, exchanges and conferences, and by connecting organisations.
  • visualises the cultural environment of regions that participate in the project. Therefore, it has great marketing value for cultural organisations. Both large and small organisations participate in the project. OCM improves access to cultural organisations and creative works, and connects young audiences, artists and educational professionals.
  • offers an infrastructure of learning: orientation and talent development for children and institutions.