Exchange of theatre groups a great success!

Exchange of theatre groups a great success!

The Dutch theatre group Tryater DJT de Reus and Cartouche gave special performances and workshops for European families in October 2014.

The show ‘Fabelkracht’ from Tryater was a big hit with the Latvian children and their parents. The endearing and humorous performance caused a lot of hilarity amongst the audience of 200 people. Parent and child worked actively during the workshops on theatre tasks. Especially the enthusiastic fathers who went to work actively with their children was received well in Riga.

DJT de Reus visited San Sebastian with the play ‘Reismuis’. More than 400 children and their (grand) parents enjoyed the afternoon theatre (performance and workshop) and the theatre group was impressed by the enthusiasm of the parents during the workshop.

In Berlin the fairy tale “The Devil with the Three Golden Hairs” (Brothers Grimm) was presented by the Dutch puppet theatre Cartouche. Cartouche performed a modern interpretation of the ancient myth. The theatre looks back on two successful shows for more than 150 children and adults ..

The collaborating theatre groups are very positive about the exchanges. They inspired each other, learned from each other and want to maintain contact with each other.