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WerkStadt Arts Union

The WerkStadt Arts Union, created in 2008, is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the development of cooperative art, music, culture, and art education. WerkStadt provides workshop and studio space for active artists as well as a presentation platform for a wide spectrum of contemporary cultural projects ranging from photography, painting and sculptural installations to music, discussion forums, and experimental performances. WerkStadt is also a community and meeting place for all people interested in collective progression of the arts and the urban culture of Berlin.

Chris Benedict, Managing Director

Partners - Germany - Chris - 150 pxChris received her Master of Arts in cultural science with a focus on cultural history and comparative social sciences from the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt. Her final thesis was on the “Economical and Touristic Importance of the Berlin Art Scene.” she has been a freelance manager of cultural projects and a tour guide since 2008. Chris realised many Berlin art projects, such as art in public spaces, curated art walks, cultural festivals, bringing travelling group exhibition “Made in Berlin” to Russia. She is a founding member and managing director of WerkStadt. In 2010 she founded the “Stadtagenten” company with Nadine Lorenz, for cultural and environmental community projects.

Nadine Lorenz, Managing Director

Partners - Germany - Nadine - 150 pxNadine has a diploma from the Freie Universität (Berlin) in sociology with a focus on cultural and political sociology. Nadine worked as a freelance manager for city tours and company events from 2006 to 2013. She is a founding member and managing director of WerkStadt, and the manager of many WerkStadt projects, including open air cinema, concert series, and art education projects. Together with Chris Benedict, she founded the “Stadtagenten” company for cultural and environmental community projects in 2010. 

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