Partners 2016-2017

Application Creative Europe 2016-2017

Together with 6 partners projectleader K&C will apply for a new European Grant for October Children’s Month 2016-2017. The partners Ikertze (Spain), WerkStadt Kulturverein (Germany), Lithuanian Theatre, Music and  Cinema  Museum (Lithuania), Croatian National Theater (Croatia), Magacine Kabare (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Senter for ung kunst og kultur (Norway) and K&C (The Netherlands) will submit for the Larger Scale cooperation projects, which means Creative Europe will offer a financial support with a maximum of 2000.000,- euro.

This cooperation commits the partners to organize a regional October Children’s Month in their own country, participate in two joint activities and develop a least one international supporting activity.

The partnership offers great opportunities to connect European artists and performers with, to let the audience experience arts from other European countries and to create inspirational dialogue between international professionals.

When the application is accepted October Children’s Month will expend and bring more European children in to dance, music, photography, cinema, painting, theatre and more!