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Partners - Spain - Ikertze11 - 150pxIkertze is a cultural non-profit and private association with thirty years of experience. Ikertze organises educational and cultural projects.
Ikertze started started in 1985, working on visual ideas in the visual laboratory of San Telmo Museum. They develop citizen participation projects that integrate new ways of expression in the form of working with the public. The tools they use are the arts, cinema and philosophy. Ikertze offers open workshops in schools, museums, and around the city.

Ikertze also carries out custom educational projects and programmes for coexistence to improve community relations. They offer consulting and training for those schools that want to work on their educational programmes or want advice on how to perform them.

Ikertze is a member of the Forum of Associations for Human Rights Education and Peace.

Blanca Zaragüeta Zulaica, Director

Partners - Spain - Bianca - 150 pxI`m formed at the University of Deusto, as business manager in businesses and leisure activities and Theatre of the Basque Government. She has worked for twelve years doing feature films in the production department. Specialised in the area of filmscript by the University of San Jorge, Zaragoza, she joined Ikertze in 2000.
Her vocation for cinema and education has resulted in the project "The Cinema in the Classroom.”

Zuriñe Adrada Sagredo, Director

Partners - Spain - Zurine - 150 pxZuriñe studied art history at the University of Salamanca and graduated in 1982. Since then, her professional life has been linked to Ikertze. She was co-founder of “Arte Niño,” the first children’s workshop created in Spain (1983) in the Museum of San Telmo in San Sebastian. Seven years after Ikertze started, they incorporated new disciplines in their organisation, such as music and dramatic expression.
These past few years Zuriñe has been able to follow the SAT-programme for educators, which for Zuriñe has led to a greater self-awareness and understanding of herself as a person and as an educator. Her work at Ikertze that began in the classroom has led to the design of programmes and strategies for learning and training, and to the coordination of equipment.

Leire de Miguel Martinez, Project Manager

Partners - Spain - Leire - 150 pxAfter a Bachelor’s degree in philosophy and a Master in philosophy for children, Leire joined Ikertze in 2003. Her work in the organisation focuses on the design of materials, educational activities, in the direct educational work with children and adolescents. She tries to stimulate boys and girls in developing their ability to think well, reinforcing the thinking skills through various exercises and reflective dialogues in the group.

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