Partners - The Netherlands


The central coordination of October Children’s Month is in the hands of K&C, expertise centre and project organisation art and culture, situated in Assen, the Netherlands, K&C has approximately twenty-five employees. Their main client is the Province of Drenthe, and their main assignment is to stimulate cultural education and participation in Drenthe as well as organising innovative cultural activities in collaboration with partner organisations. They support schools and cultural organisations. Their services include:

  • providing information and consultancy
  • providing education
  • networking and mediation
  • support in cultural policy
  • project organisation
  • symposiums and research

In addition to the assignments they receive from the Province of Drenthe, K&C also works directly for schools, local municipalities and other provinces in the Netherlands.

Ilse Veneklaas, Project Manager

Partners - NL - Ilse Veneklaas - 150 pxIlse was born in Drachten and was raised in the little village Aldeboarn in Frisia. She got her Bachelor degree in cultural and social education in 2000 and at the age of 21, Ilse started working at K&C. She has been coordinator of the Dutch October Children’s Month for four years now and was asked to lead the international project in 2013.
Ilse loves bringing European cultures together.

In her free time, she likes to go to the theatre, to dance and do sports, to travel, to meet with friends, to read, and to taste good food and wine.

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