Activities The Netherlands in 2015

In The Netherlands more than 160 organisations will join October Children’s Month in 2015.

They bring a variety of activities as adventure tours, artistic workshops, theatre performances, dance classes, music shows, and demonstrations of traditional handicrafts. See There will be a skype conference on schools in Spain en The Netherlands but the joint activities and  international activities will take place in 2016.

In 2013 en 2014 the following activities took place:

Activities - NL - DJT de reus - 250 pxExchange of theatre groups:

Dutch youth theatre groups travelled to Riga, Berlin and San Sebastian to perform, give workshops and meet youth theatre groups from the foreign countries. The Dutch theatre groups reached almost 1,000 people.


Activities - NL - my metropolis - 250 pxMy Metropolis:

This project connects children from four countries with one another. The multimedia project took place in every participating country in October 2014. More than two hundred European children got in touch with each other.


Activities - NL - berni pili 15 - 250 pxParcours Conference & Expertise Platform:

In May 2013 the Netherlands organised a conference for the partners in San Sebastian. The partners shared ideas and wishes regarding the future of OCM. On this website, interested organisations can contact OCM and
get more information about being an OCM
partner in the future.


The artists of the artist-in-residence project KIK AIR:

KIK AIR developed artistic workshops for both children and their parents and grandparents. The project took place in September and October 2013. More than three hundred children and their parents took part in the creative workshops.


Activities - NL - Home sweet home - 250 pxExchange of theatre groups:

In October 2013 theatre groups from Latvia, Germany, and Spain performed in Dutch theatres, gave workshops to about 250 people of all ages, and met the Dutch theatre groups.


Activities - NL - Motivating parents - 250 pxConference Motivating Parents:

Experts from the four partner countries shared their experiences and knowledge on how to create cultural activities that inspire the creativity of both parents and their children. The conference was organised in Assen on 29 November 2013.
OCM invited eleven Keynote speakers and more than sixty professionals from the
Netherlands took part in the conference.